Here are the top 20 German publications every startup needs to be familiar with

german livestyle magazin

Germany is well-known for its large media scene. The media landscape in Germany is awash with tech and business media outlets. This is great because it means that everyone can find the right publication online and in print. However, sometimes it can be quite difficult to find the right media outlets for you - especially if there aren't any German speakers.

"If only there could be a list of the best media for entrepreneurship, tech, and startup," you may say. We are here to help!

Here's our list, in fair alphabetical order, of the top media outlets we believe to be most influential for young entrepreneurs and anyone who loves tech!

brand eins

brand eins, a monthly business magazine, focuses on economic and (socio-)political subjects. Each issue has a focus on one topic, such as "money", (work), "innovation", or "love". It's one the most influential business magazines in Germany, with 311K copies distributed in 2019 and 300k monthly online users. The magazine claims to work for the understanding of the economy and creating something new. The newspaper stand is often filled with arty covers that really pop out!


Even though the German version isn't as well-known and respected as its American sister, it shouldn't be overlooked. The German editors should be contacted with detailed stories, no matter if they are from the media, tech, or financial sector. While their team may not be large yet, they are always open to hearing about exclusive stories.

Axel Springer AG was the owner of Grunderszene magazine and Business Insider. In April 2020, he decided to merge the two editorial departments. While the chief editors and brands will continue to exist, the publisher hopes the physical merger will allow for both formats to profit from one another. In the future, they will all be produced in one building.

Business Punk

Business Punk, a magazine that promotes a youthful lifestyle in business, has an unconventional attitude and writes rebellious content. The magazine features young entrepreneurs, successful managers, and business rebels. According to their motto, "Work hard." Play Hard. Business Punk is the place for forward-thinkers and creative doers. It has a print circulation of 35.000 copies, and its website is visited by approximately 300k people per month. Business Punk only accepts founders who are cool enough and able to pitch their startup to pub patrons. They are also open to hearing your embarrassing story of your first job.


Gruner + Jahr publishes Capital, Germany's 2nd largest publishing house. This magazine covers analysis and commentary from the worlds of finance and business. receives 880k monthly visits, while the monthly print circulation is over half a million copies. It reached its peak in 1970. Its motto was "The human economic and the economic human." Later, Capital's editorial department was merged with Financial Times Deutschland Impulse and Borse Online. Capital's editorial offices were relocated to Berlin after Impulse Online and Financial Times Deutschland closed in December 2012.


Computer BILD is one among the most widely read computer magazines in Germany. It belongs to the Axel Springer Media family. It is published once a week and reached 692K readers last year. More than 50 million people visit the website each month. The website covers computer topics as well. It also discusses HiFi, video, television, and telecommunications. Computer magazine magazine is one of the major players in the sector. Their audience is more common than the techy geek, however.


Computerwoche is a weekly publication that covers IT topics. It also serves as a guide for mid-management decision makers. IT-Fachverlag International Data Groups is a publication that provides information to investors about the economic and technical trends in medium-sized and large IT companies. Other topics include analyses, case studies as well as industry news, project reports and portraits. Here is your one-stop magazine for any SaaS news. In 2019, there were 20K print-sells and 1.5 Million monthly readers online.

Deutsche Startups

Deutsche Startups is a German business magazine that Alexander Husting and Stefan Vosskotter publish. The magazine is one of the most important to report on the German startup scene. It provides insights and information about news, trends, and investments. This magazine, which was founded over ten years ago has been a key news source for startups and attracts about 350K readers each month.


DIE ZEIT is Germany's most important newspaper. It is published on Thursdays once a week and is described as independent, liberal, and sometimes at the border of political opinions. It features news from all walks of life, and covers topics from around the world. The newspaper will publish any article that mentions you. The website is visited by more than 8 million people per month and the printed version was read over 2.1million times in 2019.

DIE ZEIT's feuilleton, politics, and other sections are well-known. But, a strong area is the digital section and ZEIT Campus section. This area is a great area for startups.