We are a family of divorce lawyers. We are individual and have different styles. We share our passion for divorce law and focus on expats who live in Switzerland.These guidelines will help you to compare and research Divorce Lawyer Zurich.

It's hard to know how to proceed when you're confronted with divorce or separation. It's possible that few of your friends have experience dealing with this complex legal process. You can have a shorter, easier, more affordable divorce than one that is painfully slow and costly. You don't have to know what you should look for in your divorce lawyer. How will you know if you're making the right investment of your hopes and dreams?

Follow these seven steps and you will find the perfect divorce attorney for your needs.

1. Be realistic.

First, divorce is a legal procedure that has the sole purpose to dissolve your assets or resolve custody issues. Your divorce attorney is there to help you through this process. Even though you may expect them to listen, they are not qualified to handle your anger, frustrations and pain. They aren't trained to be your counselor or therapist and don't want that to happen. It's a gross misappropriation of your money to pay your attorney higher rates, and keep the clock running. Divorce attorneys know this all too well. Even though it seems important to you, it might not register for your attorney in the legal context. It is important to be realistic when describing the role of your divorce lawyer and what you can hope for from them.

2. Keep your eyes on what you are trying to achieve.

This is your ultimate goal. You will hopefully be able to get divorced without major changes in your life. If you're negotiating about material items that are not important to your family, don't let emotions run amok. If you do this, your divorce process will be more lengthy, more litigious and likely more expensive. Is this worth it? No. No. Ask yourself, What kind of divorce can I get?

3. Get clear on what you want.

Do not rush to hire a lawyer for divorce. Instead, think about other options. If your finances and children are not in conflict, you can hire a mediator who will help you negotiate the terms. Mediation can be the fastest and most affordable way to get divorced. If you have more complex negotiations, you might need to consult a lawyer to reach a settlement. Consider a collaborative divorcing. A collaborative divorcing process is focused on negotiation to preserve the co-parenting relationship. A trial in court is your last option. These are often cases in which neither side will compromise. Based on your personal circumstances, you should determine which type of divorce attorney is best for you. Remember that every divorce lawyer you talk to will try their best to point you in a specific direction. It's up you to clarify your needs first so that you can make the right decisions.

4. Identify at the very least three potential attorneys.

Don't be tempted to hire the first person you meet. They are not all equal. Before making your decision, make sure to interview at most three divorce attorneys. Hire a family attorney who is knowledgeable in the type and practice of the divorce you are interested in. The ideal attorney has all the experience and legal knowledge you require, will help you understand the process, communicate and negotiate well, solve problems creatively, is familiar with your particular court system, and can assist you in navigating it. Local attorneys are essential. Your attorney should have experience with family law judges in the area. This will allow him or her to advise you on legal strategy. How can you identify potential attorneys? Ask your friends for referrals. Ask your trust/estate lawyer for recommendations. Visit the many websites offering reviews of local lawyers.

5. Interview and research potential attorneys.

Let's start with a phone conversation. Ask about their experience and areas of expertise in family law. Ask them which type of client they often represent. Ask them about their rates. Most divorce lawyers charge an hourly fee and require that you pay a retainer. Some lawyers will also negotiate fees on the basis of anticipated settlements. Don't waste their time and your money on meeting someone who is not within your budget. Most divorce attorneys will provide a complimentary consultation to discuss your individual situation and how their legal approach might work for you. To get the best legal advice, take advantage! It is likely that the attorney who meets with you will not handle the day-today aspects of your case. Therefore, it is a good idea to ask for the contact information of a colleague or associate. There are many resources available to help with divorce, such as financial experts, parenting facilitators, coach facilitators, forensic appraisers, and coaching coaches. The cost of your case will be affected if you find out how easy it is for your attorney to access these resources. Even if the intention is to not go to trial you can still look at the attorney’s trial record as well as his or her past court success. This track record is a measure of your attorney’s negotiation success.

6. Watch out for red flags

Unfortunately, many attorneys will tell what you want to hear to close the deal. This is your life but they are making a profit. There are no guarantees in this process. So don't believe any promises made by an attorney. If an attorney discusses high-profile clients, or gives confidential information based on previous cases, it is very likely that they will do so to you. If they don't respect other divorce attorneys that you interview, it is likely they won’t to you. You should also be aware that if they are constantly distracted from phone calls or emails and can't pay attention to you during a consultation, they will not do the same for your divorce case. You need to ensure the lawyer you choose follows the standards of the profession and treats your case with respect. This is their business. But it's your life.

7. Make your selection.

Choose a local divorce attorney who is professional, knowledgeable, responsive, communicates well, and is available to you. This attorney should be someone you trust and who you feel comfortable with. The attorney will agree with your fundamental views about divorce and will find a style that works well for you. This attorney values your children and is able to help you navigate the legal process without making unreasonable child custody or support demands. This attorney is affordable. Divorce, which is a deeply personal and emotional matter, can have a major impact on your lives. This is an important decision. There are not guarantees. You can find the right candidate if you follow the steps.

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